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"We’re going to knock you down and go to nationals.”
"We’re going to knock you down and go to nationals.”



piko for princebearsama

mikuo for mikuo

and IA and gumi in summer clothes for anon!

i will try to post the rest soon

and a quick bonus doodle from the gumIA pic

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when you can suddenly feel your mood drop significantly and all you can do is sit there and…feel it.

Poly!Hinata Headcannons


In which Hinata dates almost all of the Hq! Boys because I like all the pairings it’s hard to make my choose!

Sugawara/Daichii: Hinata is a welcome third in their dynamic, Hinata loves sex with them because they’re so experienced with each others bodies and they make him feel warm and taken care of during sex. They also give the best cuddles afterwards.

Tanaka: Tanaka is Bisexual but when he’s between girlfriends he fucks/semi-dates Hinata. Hinata likes him because he’s so passionate and a little funny in bed. Tanaka loves the noises Hinata makes. For insta-hot as fuck sex Hinata calls him ‘sempai’ in bed.

Noya/Asahi: Hinata looks up to Noya (next to the Little Giant) he mainly likes watching Asahi and Noya since Noya tops. The ‘Sempai’ trick has opposing effects: Noya gets more bold and agressive, while Asahi becomes more gentle and sweet. Hinata likes the contrast.

Kageyama: All about trust and intution, sometimes they don’t even say a word to each other, using their bodies, moans, and cries to communicate. Kageyama is reverant towards Hinata and knows how to take him all the way to the edge and how long to keep him there. Kageyama doesn’t  mind that Hinata dates/sleeps with other people, but he still doesn’t like it when Hinata meets with Oikawa. (t.b.h Hinata has had the most consecutive orgasims with Kageyama)

Ennoshita: Sweet, gentle, dependable, Hinata fucks Ennoshita when he wants something quiet and normal. Not as intense and focused like Kageyama, or a little lonely like with DaiSuga, NoyaAsa, or KuroKen. This is the only one Hinata feels a little guilty about. Ennoshita needs someone to call his own and Hinata can’t do that. Hinata breaks it off amicably with him but he still hangs out with him.

Tsukishima: Hinata loves the reversal of snarky, somewhat mean, Tsukishima to a rather shy self-conscious seme who perfers to let Hinata ride him than aggressively top. Hinata loves how Tsukki blushes from head to chest and how his eye go dull with pleasure when he grinds down at just the right angle.

Yamaguchi: To Hinata’s intial surprise Yamaguchi likes to top, and more so than that likes to do delicious things with his tongue. Definately Hinata’s top pick for blowjobs. Hinata hooks him and Tsukishima up as thanks.

Kuroo/Kenma: Because they live in Tokyo, they don’t get to see each other much. When they do, Kenma and Hinata like to put on a show for Kuroo, which ends and a Hinata/Kenma/Kuroo sandwich. Kenma is almost at Kageyama levels when it comes to reading the body language of his lovers and knows exactly what to do to make them both come first.

Inoka: Extremely energetic, adorible sex. It doesn’t matter who tops. Inoka and Hinata chatter afterwards in their own KEET language until they either get horny or sleepy again.

Bokuto: Bokuto is very encouraging towards the ‘Little Spiker’. He’s also just as moody too. He texts Hinata everyday and his mood drops when Hinata hasn’t replied in a ‘resonable’ amount of time (i.e. 30 seconds after) and he becomes energetic when Hinata does reply. They Skype sex sometimes and Bokuto likes to mentor Hinata about sex as well.

Oikawa: At first Oikawa was just having sex with Hinata to annoy Kageyama. But he couldn’t resist the Hinata magic. He tries to be suave and Hinata humours him. Oikawa like to talk during sex. Murmuring how good Hinata feels, how deep he’s going, how he’s so damn tight. Mostly because he likes hearing himself talk, but also to see if Hinata can come from his voice alone.

Aone: He dotes on Hinata, his tiny boyfriend. Hinata makes Aone seem more approchable and Aone is just in awe of the little fellow. Hinata loves Aone’s huge dick and while it hurts his hips and ass afterwards and he loves making the stoic Aone whimper and grunt as he rides his dick.

Eventually Hinata settles down with Kageyama in their last year of college. The others miss Hinata but move on. Kageyama is blase about the whole thing (but secretly happy Hinata chose him over Oikawa).

THESE ARE ALL SO CUTE… i loved reading this oh my god you’re wonderful

Marina Diamandis photoshoot for Foam Magazine 

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【HQ】クロ月らくがき by エンジン

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I’ve posted this before but this gives me strength when I have none


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kurotsuki week day 01 &02: first date &sick day

due to lack of time i decided to combine the first two days (*´_ゝ`)



every student ever
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every student ever

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The last two weeks in some of my favourite outfits. Perfection is an understatement. 👑

Reblogging because she’s pulling it off excellently.

Beauty Queen


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無題 | はちろ [x]
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無題 | はちろ [x]